I am the son of steppes

I am the son of steppes,where sagebrush blooms in the spring.

When camel cries, with me the century begins.

I tamed the horse and ride on ever since,

Its mane and tail cover all my steppes.


I am the son of steppes, it`s the land of sky.

It is the place where Eve met with father Adam.

I am the heir of legendary nomads

Who lived in search of their call of life.



I am the son of steppes, I keep my promise.

The spirit of  the steppes is my inspiration.

“Sacrifice your soul to save the honor and the shame”

That is ancestral heritage and fame.


I`m the son of steppes, my origin is wolf.

I cannot be described even by thousand poets.

My father Edil is Attila, Gumir is Homeros.

I am the devoted hyena of Scythians heroes.


I am the son of steppes, I am a Muslim.

I let pigeons fly to the blue sky.

My belief is my pillar, my faith is my lock.

I struggle for my honour and dignity.



I am the son of steppes, I passed the worlds.

I find Pushkin and Goethe close to me.

I am Turgen, the origin of Turgenov.

I am Dostay, the father of  Dostoyevski.


I am the son of steppes, whose history is pain.

Today  I am the owner of my steppes again.

I am like the sky if you are my friend,

I am an arrow if  you  are my foe.